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Analytical Report
"Russian Economy  Sectors: Production, Finances, Securities"

Analytical Reports On Russian Industry Sectors

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An original information-analytic product on industry branches: telecommunication, oil and gas production - petrochemistry, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, energy. Each branch - in an appropriate survey.




Sample report
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sq.gif Telecommunication Sector Report N 473
sq.gif Oil and Gas Sector Report N 474
sq.gif Power Sector Report N 475
sq.gif Mechanical Engineering Sector Reports N 476
sq.gif Metallurgical Sector Report N 477


The first part of the survey -general branch report and financial and economic status of listed companies made up in co-operation with ministries and state institutions. It provides the unique data inaccessible from other sources.
The second part - corporate news on the companies from AK&M correspondents in the regions and press digest.
The third part is a branch stock markets survey compiled by an AK&M analytic group. Mostly, the original AK&M information is used. AK&M specialists contact daily a large number of market professionals, to enlighten efficiently all changes in current situation.

AK&M surveys cover information on shareholders structure, wholesale market speculations, regional trading, companies administration attitude to its stock market, individual shareholders opinion (mostly staff) as well as technical analysis of stock market, and short-term predictions on price trends. Various tables and diagrams on the current situation and stock market dynamics are enclosed.

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