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Stocks Ranking by Market Ratios

There are different approaches and techniques for the analysis of the investment attractiveness of stocks. One of them is the calculation of their market ratios which provides the quantitative estimation of such core figures as risk (beta parameter), general market trends-dependence (R-squared), understatement (alpha parameter) based upon the statistic analysis; the comparison of the data with the whole list rather then the precise values of stock ratios being of the highest interest. If e.g. the price movement of UES, LUKOIL and Mosenergo stocks according to the received R-squared is mostly market-dependent, then it seems quite evident that the conclusions concerning the parameters of the stocks majority are not so commonplace. It refers also to other stock market ratios (capitalization change, liquidity, bids movement).

From 3 June monthly calculation of the core stock market ratios (above 300 stocks) will be available on AK&M web site http://www.akm.ru/eng/market_ratings.htm.


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