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Rosatom considers constructing 2-4 power units more at Kalininskaya NPP.

The Federal Atomic Energy Agency (Rosatom) considers constructing 2-4 power-generating units more at Kalininskaya Nuclear Power Plant in the Tver Region, as Rosatom's Head Sergey Kirienko declared at the ecological subbotnik in Udomlya (Tver Region).

According to him, these plans are of the long-term outlook. The power units may be built on the neighbouring site next of the industrial complex near Ulomlya. But at first a serious evaluation should be done, said Mr. Kirienko.

He also added that Rosatom considers building a pumped storage plant in this region to provide for the regulation balance of peak loads.

At present, 3 power units of 1 th MW are in operation at Kalininskaya NPP.

"AK&M", 05/06/2006 10:57



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