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Ilim Pulp owners negotiate for selling their business.

Ilim Pulp owners are negotiating with five claimers for selling their business, as AK&M was informed by a source in Ilim Pulp.

As it was reported earlier, the American International Paper claimed to acquire some assets of Ilim Pulp.

According to the source in Ilim Pulp, not all assets of the Company are of interest to International Paper.

Ilim Pulp declared earlier that it was considering the realization of investment projects and the establishment of joint ventures and productions with branch leaders. It was also reported that all its companies would convert to a single share by the end of 2006.

The source in Ilim Pulp said that the placement of the Company's bonds and eurobonds was also possible.

Ilim Pulp Corporation produces pulp and paper products. It comprises Russia's largest pulp and paper enterprises, such as Kotlas Pulp and Paper Mill (Kotlas PPM), Bratsk Pulp and Containerboard Mill (Bratsk PCM), Ust-Ilimsk Pulp Mill (Ust-Ilimsk PM), St. Petersburg Cartonboard and Printing Mill (St. Petersburg CPM), as well as 43 timber enterprises, Kommunar Paper Mill (KPM), Ilim Gofropak Corrugated Board Mill, and transport and trading companies. The Group's enterprises produce 60% of market cellulose and 85% of boxboard in Russia.

"AK&M", 27/06/2006 11:20



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