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January-August, enterprises of Ilim Pulp Holding upped pulp and paper production by 0.6% to 1.701 mln tons.

Enterprises of Ilim Pulp, a timber industry corporation, upped pulp and paper production by 0.6% to 1.701 mln tons in January-August 2006, as the Company informs.

Production of market pulp dropped by 1% to 971,000 tons because of the planned capital laying-off at the Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk Pulp and Containerboard Mills. Cardboard production grew by 2.2% to 495.5 th tons, paper production - by 5.9% to 199.4 th tons.

Production of market saw-timber totaled 326,000 cubic meters, which is 5.8% more than for the 8 months of 2005.

Timber enterprises of the Corporation harvested 4.29 mln cubic meters of timber, which is 14% lower than for the same period of last year.

The Ilim Pulp Corporation belongs to the world's top ten companies in market pulp production, and ranks sixth in the world in leased timber lands and timber-harvesting. It comprises Russia's largest pulp and paper enterprises, such as the Kotlas Pulp and Paper Mill (Kotlas PPM), Bratsk Pulp and Containerboard Mill (Bratsk PCM), Ust-Ilimsk Pulp Mill (Ust-Ilimsk PM), St. Petersburg Cartonboard and Printing Mill (St. Petersburg CPM), as well as 43 timber enterprises, the Kommunar Paper Mill (KPM), Ilim Gofropak Corrugated Board Mill, and transport and trading companies. The Group's enterprises produce 60% of market cellulose and 85% of boxboard in Russia.

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