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ICT Group acquires stock of Wi-MAX, Italy.

ICT Group became the largest shareholder of the Italian company ARIA S.p.A., the national wireless broadband Internet operator acquiring the additional issue of the company's shares, ICT informed.

This transaction is already the second investment made by ICT Group in the telecommunication industry over the past year: the company also participates in the WiMAX development project in Bangladesh.

ARIA S.p.A. is the only company in Italy licensed officially in 2008 to provide wireless broadband Internet access services of the Wi-M?? standard. It provides services under the ARIA brand. The company established in 2005 is headquartered in Todi.

The company's strategy assumes expansion of wireless broadband Internet access networks in small and middle-sized cities of Italy. This is where most of Italy's population live in such cities with undeveloped telecommunication infrastructure for wireless broadband Internet access services. This phenomenon has been known as the Digital Divide.

At the moment the company has completed the initial stage of the network deployment installing base stations in more than 300 settlements.

ICT Group is one of the largest Russian private investment and industrial holdings in Russia. It manages assets related to finance, precious metal mining, transport machine-building, industrial engineering, commercial and industrial development spheres.

At the moment, the Group's asset pool includes Nomos-bank, Khanty-Mansiyskiy Bank, Polymetal, Tikhvin carriage works, Baltiyskiy Leasing etc. The group also possesses a large block of shares in Uralkali. The total cost of assets manage? is about $8 billion.

"AK&M", 30/08/2011


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