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Kubanenergo allocated stocks.

The Bank of Russia registered report on the allocation of common stocks released by Kubanenergo in the volume of 21.488bn rub., the company informed.

139925300 stocks (65.12%) out of the total amount were placed at par (100 rub. each) through the open offering. The issue includes 214877270 common stocks. Russian Grids acquired 74768310 stocks (34.8%) for 9.108bn rub. in total.

Kubanenergo (TIN 2309001660) is a basic energy supplier in Krasnodarsky reg. and Adygeia. It includes 11 electro grid entities (Krasnodarskie, Sochinskie, Armavirskie, Adygeiskie, Timashevskie, Tikhoretskie, Leningradsckise, Slvyanskie, Yugo-Zapadnye, Labinskie, Ust Labinskie). The length of the electric lines cover 90ths km. The Company is included into MRSK South.

The 2012-net losses (RAS) dropped 2.13% to 1.901bn rub. from 1.862bn rub. prior year; revenues dropped 2.05% to 28.119bn rub. from 28.708bn rub.; losses from sales rocketed down 1315.72 to 0.701mln rub. from 922.322mln rub.; pretax losses - 2.42% to 2.167bn rub. from 2.221bn rub.

The 2012-net losses (IAS) rose 3.57 fold to 3.491bn rub. from 976.623mln rub. prior year; revenues declined 3.56% to 27.769bn rub. from 28.796bn rub.; operating losses being up 4.4 fold to 3.906bn rub. from 888.534mln rub.; pretax losses - 3.14 fold to 4.284bn rub. from 1.366bn rub.

The IQ 2013 net losses declined 35.29% to 772.781mln rub. from 1.194bn rub. prior year; revenues moved up 8.28% to 7.523bn rub. from 6.948bn rub.

"AK&M", 15:04, 03.12.2013 1251 COR,AKM


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