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Kuzbassenergo received an offering.

Dec. 4 Siberian Energy Investments Ltd (Cyprus) set out an offering to Kuzbassenergo on the stocks buyback at 0.03 rub./pcs, the company informed.

In Apr. 2013 the offering was fixed at 0.0893265 rub./pcs. In Oct. the share was increased to 89.14% (including 6.63% through Sibenergoholding) from 75.35%. Now Siberian Energy keeps 85.827% in Kuzbassenergo.

Kuzbassenergo (TIN 4200000333) is ranked as the sixth among other energy companies in Russia by the capacity. On the Siberian heat market it covers above 30%. The share capital is equal to 706.76mln rub. split in

70675984774 common stocks of 0.01 rub. par. The major holder is Siberian Energy Investments Ltd.

The 9-month 2013-net losses (RAS) plunged 35.58% to 528.994mln rub. from 821.227mln rub. prior year; revenues being halved to 11.398bn rub. from 24.935bn rub.; profit from sales coming to 600.37mln rub. vs. 1.192bn rub. in losses; pretax losses dropped 34.25% to 590.06mln rub. from 897.492mln rub.

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