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Koks released loan to Koks Mining.

Dec. 4 Koks signed a loan contract with Koks-Mining, the company informed.

520mln rub. are released at 7.8% ann. for one year. The deal was approved at the annual meeting in June 2013.

Koks Group (TIN 4205001274) is one of the largest producers of metallurgic coke in Russia. It involves 3 divisions having 3mln ton/y in the output. 100% are held by B.Zubitsky. OAO Koks is a head entity involving different coal entities as well as non ferrous and ferrous metallurgic plants. The Group is working under the control of Industrial MC Metallurgic Holding (PMKH).

The share capital is worth 33mln rub. split in 1650232 common stocks of 20 rub. par. 100% are held by B.Zubitsky.

The 2012 net profit (IAS) rallied up 62.17% to come to 1.997bn rub. from 1.227bn rub. prior year period; revenues dropped 17.78% to 45.704bn rub. from 55.589bn rub.; operating profit - 41.11% to 3.382bn rub. from 5.743bn rub.; EBITDA lost 26.27% to come to 6.107bn rub. from 8.283bn rub.; EBITDA margin came to 13% vs. 15% prior year.

The IQ 2013 net losses reached 414.127mln rub. (RAS) against 382.108mln rub. in profit prior year. The revenues declined 10.85% to 5.251bn rub. from 5.89bn rub.; profit from sales - 26.43% to 274.805mln rub. from 373.551mln rub.; pretax losses coming to 466.407mln rub. vs. 582.115mln rub. in profit.

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