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Gazprom neft/Rosmorport signed agreement.

Gazprom neft and Rosmorport signed agreement on cooperation in the building f the oil processing terminal at Novoportovskoe field (Yamal), the company informed.

The capacity of the terminal is equal to 8.5mln ton/y.
Rosmorport is going to participate in the development of the designing documentation. Gazprom neft is assumed to be an investor. The project is expected to be completed 2015 end. The field and the port will be connected by the pipeline.

Novoportovskoe field is one of the largest in Yamal. It covers 230mln ton of oil and 270bn m3 of gas. In Sep. 2013 Gazprom neft finished the drilling to start the wide-scale development in 2014. The top figures of the gushing-out (8.5mln ton/y) are assumed to be reached after 2020.

Gazprom neft (TIN 5504036333) is ranked as the 5th oil producer by the crude output in Russia. The Company and its subs keep 61 licenses on the development of the oil fields. It has 4.5bn barrels in reserves. The major holder is Gazprom.

The 9-month 2013-net profit as of the holders added 0.4% (IAS) to 135.154bn rub.; revenues dropped 0.7% to 1.117tril rub. from 1.125tril rub.; EBITDA rose 2.6% to 236.28bn rub. from 230.333bn rub.

The 9-month 2013 net profit (RAS) dropped 22% to come to 51.681bn rub.; revenues moved up 9% to 735.62bn rub.; pretax profit plunged 16.1% to 62.7bn rub.; gross profit rose 20% to 118.209bn rub.

"AK&M", 15:07, 05.12.2013 1251 AKM,COR


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