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Minimum food basket price in Russia up 8.5% since January 1

In November 2013, the minimum average monthly food basket in Russia advanced in price by 1.2% to RUB 2.836 thousand for a one-month period, by 8.5% since the start of the year, the Federal State Statistics Service informed.

In Moscow, the minimum monthly food basket increased in price by 1.7% to RUB 3.367 thousand in November, 9% for ten months 2013. In St. Petersburg, the minimum monthly food basket increased by 0.8% to RUB 3.183 thousand (+7.9% for ten months 2013).

The most expensive minimum food baskets were in Chukotka autonomous area (RUB 7.625 thousand), Magadan region (RUB 5.423 thousand), Kamchatka Krai (RUB 4.68 thousand), Sakhalin region (RUB 4.43 thousand), the Sakha Republic / Yakutia (RUB 4.366 thousand). The cheapest food baskets were in Kursk region (RUB 2.196 thousand), Saratov region (RUB 2.283 thousand), Tambov region (RUB 2.365 thousand), Penza region (RUB 2.371 thousand), and Lipetsk region (RUB 2.373 thousand).

The cost of the minimum food basket represents differences between regions in consumer prices and is not a constituent element of the living wage. The minimum food basket estimation method (as opposed to the living wage) factors in Russia's general standards for the consumption of foodstuffs by a working-age man and average consumer prices of such foodstuffs in each of the federal subjects of Russia.

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