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Gazprombank covered BO-01st.

Dec. 9 Gazprombank covered the BO-01st released in the volume of 10bn rub. and paid up 388.6mln rub. on the 6th coupon, the Bank informed.

The issue includes 10mln bonds of 1ths rub. par placed in 2010 for 3 years. The 1st coupon is set at 7.75% ann. The issue is arranged by Gazprombank and Citibank.

Gazprombank placed the 93d issue in the volume of $4mln, the Bank informed.

The coverage expires in June 2014. The papers were allocated within the ECP program in the volume of $2bn.

Gazprombank (TIN 7744001497) was formed in 1990. It is included into the 3-top list of the largest Russian banks and keeps the 3d position among the European banks. It has 43 branches and holds the shares in 5 Russian banks. Besides, it keeps the stakes in Belgazprombank (Belarus) and Areximbank (Armenia).

The holders involve Gazprom (35.54%), Gazfond (47.38%), VEB (10.19%), top managers - 0.56%. The share capital is equal to 24.533bn rub.

The 2012-net profit plunged (IAS) 24% to 30.9bn rub. from 40.8bn rub. prior year. The aggregated profit including revaluation of the investments reached 27.3bn rub. which is close to the 2011 patterns (29.4bn rub.). The assets in 2012 added 14.7% to come to 2.841bn rub.; credit portfolio moving upward 25.4% to 1.823tril rub.

The 2012-net profit (RAS) moved up 30% to 51bn rub.

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