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TGK-2 intends to place bonds.

TGK-2 BOD decided to place the BO-02d in the volume of 1b rub., the company informed.

One million bonds of 1ths rub. par and 5-year maturity should be placed through the open offering for 5 years. The 1st coupon rate is set at 12% ann.

The allocation of the 5.2bn rub. worth issue released within the restructuring of the uncovered BO-01st in the volume of 5bn rub. was completed Nov. 18, 2013 (73.87% of the issue were allocated). Thus, 82% were restructured; the uncovered par value gained 1bn rub. Raiffeisenbank was a restructuring agent.

TGK-2 (TIN 7606053324) was registered in 2005 to include energos of 6 regions (Arkhangelskiy, Vologodskiy, Kostromskoy, Novgorodskiy, Tverskoy and Yaroslavskiy). The total capacity reached 2.542.5ths MW, heat capacity - 12.471ths Gcal. The Company provides control over 15 heat power plants, 5 heat networks. The share capital is worth 14.749bn rub. split in 1458401856250 common and 16500533681 preferred stocks of 0.01 rub. par.

The IH 2013 net profit (IAS) rallied up 91.1% to 690.857mln rub. from 361.523mln rub. prior year; revenues declined 2.37% to 16.502bn rub. from 16.903bn rub.; operating profit - 16.25% to 1.361bn rub. from 1.625bn rub.; pretax profit - 42.76% to 862.196mln rub. from 603.944mln rub.

The IH 2013 net profit (RAS) moved up 4.37% to 984.46mln rub. from 943.236mln rub.; revenues rose 9.46% to 16.23bn rub. from 14.827bn rub.; profit from sales - 2.2% to 1.923bn rub. from 1.882bn rub.; pretax profit coming 5.41% to 1.362bn rub. from 1.292bn rub. prior year.

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