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Zarebezhneft/Petrovietnam signed contrast.

Zarebezhneft and Petrovietnam signed contrast on gas sale from Tien Yng field, the company informed.

The revenues from gas sales will be distributed in line with the shares held by the Companies in this sector: 51% - Petrovietnam KNG, 49% - Zarubezhneft. The value of the contract and shipment volume are undisclosed. The field is assumed to be launched in 2016 to cover the local needs.

Zarubezhneft (TIN 7701350084) is the oldest government wholly-owned entity in the oil/gas sector in Russia. It provides development and

realization of oil/gas complex programs and projects abroad. At the participation of the Company rather important objects were built in Syria,

Iraq, Vietnam, Libya, Cuba etc.
The Company represents JV Vietsovpetro providing 8mln ton of the crude per year. Besides, it developed joint projects with Gazprom in Vietnam and

Rosneft in Middle Asia. The Company is authorized to develop and realize SPA projects.

The 2012-net profit (RAS) dropped 3.5 fold to 4.865bn rub.; revenues - 3% to 33.138bn rub. from 34.72bn rub.; other proceedings being down to

16.465bn rub. from 22.82bn rub.

"AK&M", 16.12.2013


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