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M&A: Auction House to make another attempt to sell 25.4993% of ASCO shares

On January 30, OJSC Auction House of the Russian Federation plans to conduct an auction to sell 25.4993% of the shares in Joint-Stock Amur Shipping Company (Khabarovsk), the auction house informed.

Applications for bidding will be accepted from November 26 through December 30.

The starting price of the shares is RUB 170 million.
It will be recalled that the auction to privatize this stake in the shipping company was declared invalid in July as no-one wished to bid for the asset. The starting price of the stake was RUB 270 million.

Joint-Stock Amur Shipping Company (JS ASCO, tax number: 2700000088) is the basic enterprise of RFP Group's transport and logistics arm supporting the holding's timber processing business with the full package of transport and stevedoring services to deliver lumber to core sales markets.

The Amur shipping company was established in the middle of the 19th century as shipping operations started on the Amur River.

The JS ASCO Group manages well-developed river and maritime ports (including infrastructure facilities) providing freight handling and storage services, engaged in the production of construction aggregates and operating as international check points.

To shipping company owns 220 sea and river vessels with the total deadweight of 211.1 thousand tonnes including mixed-type river-sea vessels, dry-cargo boats, tankers and high-capacity vessels.

The state-owned stake in JS ASCO is 25.5%, the company's employees own 25% of its shares, the remaining shares are distributed among minority shareholders.

"AK&M", 17.12.2013


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