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VimpelCom ready to pay dividends.

At the VimpelCom special meeting Dec. 23 the 9-month dividends were affirmed, the company informed.

The payment will demand 20.974bn rub. (409 rub./common and 0.025 cop./A-preferred stock). The 2012-dividends were paid up in the volume of 36.329bn rub. The holders affirmed the IH 2013 dividends at 47.025bn rub. on the whole (917 rub./pcs and 0.0005 rub./A-preferred).

VimpelCom (TIN 7713076301) is ranked as the second cellular operator in Russia and CIS. It has 63mln users. The Company is included into VimpelCom Ltd. Group. The share capital is equal to 288.538ths rub. split in 51281022 common and 6426600 preferred stocks of 0.005 rub.

The IH 2013 consolidated net profit (IAS) increased 19.9% to $1.048bn from $873.714mln; operating revenues - 4.4% to $5.532bn from $5.297bn; EBITDA - 4% to $2.322bn from $2.232bn.

The 9-month 2013 net profit (RAS) moved up 15% to reach 48.435bn rub. from 42.118bn rub. prior year period; revenues - 4.63% to 217.565bn rub.

from 207.956bn rub.; profit from sales being down 3.55% to 68.457bn rub. from 70.974bn rub.; pretax profit increased 15.40% to 59.292bn rub. from 51.379bn rub.

"AK&M", 24.12.2013


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