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Vanino Port decided to raise credit.

At the Port Vanino special meeting Dec. 20 the 4.8bn rub. worth credit agreement with VTB Bank for 2 months at 15.5% ann. was approved, the company informed.

The coverage can be prolonged till Feb. 2014 at the back of 16% in the rate. The 8-year loan contract with Statula Holdings Limited (Cyprus) in the volume of 4.771bn rub. at 19% ann. and contract on pledge of rights with VTB (4.771bn rub.) were affirmed.

Vanino Port (TIN 2709001590) is a stevedore company located in Khabarovsky reg. It provides the loading and transportation services for cargo shipment to Australia, USA, Japan, South Korea, China etc. The Port is included into the 10-list of the largest sea ports in Russia.

The 9-month 2013 net profit increased (RAS) 2.72 fold to 406.619mln rub. from 149.442mln rub.; revenues rose 42.66% to 1.612bn rub. from 1.13bn rub.; profit from sales - 6.2 fold to 526.105mln rub. from 84.834mln rub.; pretax profit - 3.06 fold to 573.692mln rub. from 187.502mln rub.

"AK&M", 25.12.2013


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