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Volzhsky Pipe Plant raised credit.

Dec. 25 Volzhsky Pipe Plant signed the 7.656bn rub. worth contract with Sberbank on the launching of the non-renewable credit line, the company informed.

The credit period expires in Dec. 2016.
Volzhsky Pipe Plant (TIN 3435900186) is included into TMK. It is a producer of 800 kinds of the pipes which are delivered to the Russian and foreign consumers.

TMK (TIN 7710373095) is the largest maker of pipes in Russia. Its entities cover 44% of the native market including 60% of the pipes for the oil/gas complex. The delivery was increased 5% to come to 3.227mln ton from 3.088mln ton. The major beneficiary is D.Pumpyansky. The share capital is worth 8.73bn rub. split in 873001000 common stocks of 10 rub. par. One GDR is equal to 4 common stocks.

The IH 2013 net profit (IAS) moved down 31.17% to $125.159mln from $191.842mln rub. prior year'; revenues - 1.89% to come to $3.374bn from $3.439bn; pretax profit dropped 32.88% to $172.773mln from $257.404mln; corrected EBITDA - 9.04% to $523mln from $575mln, EBITDA margin gained 15% from 17%.

The 9-month net profit at TMK lost 31% to come to 4.691bn rub. (RAS) from 6.8bn rub. prior year. The revenues moved up 7.21% to 834.213mln rub.

from 778.117mln rub.; losses from sales - 58.78% to 529.37mln rub. from 333.457mln rub.; pretax profit being down 36.46% to 4.797bn rub. from 7.549bn rub.

"AK&M", 26.12.2013


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