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M&A: TGC-9 withdraws from Beloyarskaya NPP 2

On December 25, JSC TGC-9 withdrew from OJSC Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant 2, selling its whole equity in the company, TGC-9 informed.

Prior to that deal, the generating company owned 17.3% of the nuclear power plant's voting shares.

OJSC Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant 2 (NPP-2, tax number: 6609007758) is located in the city of Zarechny of Sverdlovsk region. The company's core businesses are: repair and upgrade of equipment at the BSU-200 facility (concrete mixing plant), construction and assembly operations, delivery and placing of concrete at the Beloyarskaya NPP-2 (currently under construction). The general design engineer of the NPP's power unit 4 with a BN-800 fast-neutron reactor is OJSC SPbAEP.

Open JSC Territorial Generating Company no. 9 (TGC-9, tax number: 5904119383) established during a reform of the power sector unites the generating capacities of Sverdlovsk region, Perm Krai and the Komi Republic. TGC-9's core activity is the heat and electricity generation, transmission and sales. Today, TGC-9 is an operational unit of the 'Generation of Ural' arm of CJSC Integrated Energy Systems. The installed electric power of TGC-9's 23 power stations (19 heat power plants, 2 hydroelectric power plant, 1 state district power station) exceeds 3,280 MW, installed heat power is almost 17 thousand Gcal.

The company's authorized capital is RUB 23.512 billion represented by 7,837,294,563,235 and 663/801 common shares at par value of RUB 0.003.

IFRS net loss of JSC TGC-9 for 2012 dropped 2.7-fold to RUB 1.857 billion from RUB 5.006 billion in 2011. Revenue decreased by 4.06% to RUB 142.418 billion from RUB 148.441 billion, profit from operations was RUB 873.07 million against a loss of RUB 4.544 billion the year before, loss before tax decreased 3.41-fold to RUB 1.515 billion from RUB 5.165 billion.

According to the information and retrieval system DataCapital, RAS net loss of JSC TGC-9 for 9 months 2013 decreased by 2.05% to RUB 839.68 million from RUB 857.288 million the year before. Revenue dropped by 13.26% to RUB 28.149 billion from RUB 32.453 billion, sales profit was RUB 162.568 million against a loss of RUB 359.616 million for the same period in 2012, loss before tax decreased by 13.55% to RUB 1.122 billion from RUB 1.298 billion.

"AK&M", 27.12.2013


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