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Enel OGK-5 BOD calls sitting July 25.

Enel OGK-5 BOD intends to elect a chairman at the sitting July 25, the company informed.

The profile committees and corporate plans for 2014 should be discussed.

Enel OGK-5 (TIN 6671156423)was registered in Ekaterinburg in Oct. 2004. It involves Konakovskaya, Nevinnomysskaya, Sredneuralskaya and Reftinskaya GRES. The total capacity reached 8672MW and 2242 Gcal.

The share capital is worth 35.372bn rub. Split in 35371898370 common stocks of 1 rub. par. The PFR Partners Fund I Limited's share is equal to 26.43%, Enel Investment Holding B.V. - 56.43%, EBRD - 5.12%; minority - 12.02%.

The 2012 net profit (IAS) increased 11.87% to 5.553bn rub. from 4.964bn rub. prior year figures; revenues moved up 10.72% to 66.546bn rub. from 60.102bn rub. on the growth of energy sale on the market; EBITDA margin remained at 22.6%; net debts reduced 9.02% to 24.968bn rub. from 27.443mln rub. prior year. the IQ 2013 net profit (IAS) declined 1.54% to 1.98bn rub. from 2.011bn rub.; operating revenues rose 1.89% to 17.707bn rub. from 17.379bn rub.

The 2012-net profit (RAS) rallied up 35.08% to 4.903bn rub. from 3.629bn rub. prior year; revenues - 9.59% to 66.628bn rub. from 60.796bn rub.; profit from sales - 10.16% to 10.422bn rub. from 9.461bn rub.; pretax profit - 40.27% to 6.455bn rub. from 4.602bn rub.

"AK&M", 23.07.2013


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