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Irkutskenergo holds annual meeting June 6.

Irkutskenergo BOD made a decision to hold an annual meeting June 6, the company informed.

The credit agreement on the launching of three credit lines in the total volume of 2.75bn rub. up to Dec. end 2016 and one more 7bn rub. worth line till Nov. end 2018 with Gazprombank at 8.95% in the rate should be approved.

Besides, the 2013-profit (9.681bn rub.) can be subdivided into the investments (1.613mln rub.); social sector - 186mln rub. Interkom-Audit and KPMG can be affirmed as auditors.

Irkutskenergo (TIN 3800000220) is an energy generating complex located in Irkutsky and Krasnoyarsky regions. It involves the cascade of three GESs,

9 heat nodes, 6 coal pits at Vostsibugol, 2 transport agencies and enrichment plant. The capacities of GESs are of 12.9 GW in total.

The Federal property agency keeps 40%; 50.19% being held by EvroSibEnergo (owned by En+ Group). The share capital is equal to 4.767bn rub. split in 4766807700 common stocks of 1 rub. par.

The IH 2013-net profit (IAS) declined 38.64% to 3.89bn rub. from 6.34bn rub. prior year period; revenues moved up 6.54% to come to 42.425bn rub.

from 39.819bn rub.; pretax profit declined 28.09% to 5.442bn rub. from 7.568bn rub.; operating profit - 27.4% to 5.954bn rub. from 8.201bn rub.

The 9-month 2013 net profit moved down (RAS) 20.23% to 6.587bn rub. from 8.257bn rub. prior year; revenues being down 6.8% to 48.989bn rub. from 52.562bn rub.; profit from sales - 5.91% to 10.088bn rub. from 10.722bn rub.; pretax profit - 21.18% to 8.263bn rub. from 10.482bn rub.

"AK&M", 09.04.2014


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