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Varyeganneftegaz started research program.

Varyeganneftegaz (Rosneft sub) started realization of the first stage of the program aimed to provide additional investigation of gas fields in the licensed sectors in Khanty Mansiysk reg., the company informed.

The current gas reserves are approved to cover 238bn m3. The emphasis will be centered on the Vanyeganskoe and North-Varyeganskoe fields..

To enlarge the entities Varyeganneftegaz, North Varyeganskoe, Nizhynevartovskoe and JV Vanyeganneft were merged to form Varyeganneftegaz.

The Company keeps 16 licensed sectors. The output exceeded 7.5mln ton of oil and 3.4bn m3 of gas.

Rosneft (TIN 7706107510) is the largest oil company in Russia. It has 17.618bn barrel of the crude in reserves. The 2011-output reached 2.586mln barrel/day (2.6% in rise).

The share capital is worth 105.981mln rub. split in 10598177810 common stocks of 0.01 rub. par. The major holder is Rosneftegaz (75.16%).

The 9-month 2013-net profit added 46% (IAS) to gain 417bn rub. from 285bn rub. The revenues rose 47% to gain 3.344tril rub. from 2.268tril rub.; EBITDA - 52% tо 674bn rub. from 445bn rub.

The 9-month 2013 net profit rallied down (RAS) 4.2 fold to 55.578bn rub. from 235.282bn rub. prior year period; revenues moved up 28% to 2.47tril rub. from 1.926bn rub.; gross profit - 12% to 1.089tril rub. from 972.327bn rub

"AK&M", 10.04.2014


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