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Bashneft BOD holds sitting Apr. 22.

Bashneft BOD decided to hold a sitting Apr. 22 to consider results of the independent appraisal of the market value of one common stock, the company informed.

Besides, Bashneft subs reconstruction should be discussed.
Bashneft (TIN 0274051582) is a head entity included into the fuel-energetic complex of Bashkortostan. It gushes out the crude in Bashkortostan, Western Siberia and Orenburgsky reg. The proved reserves cover 2.007bn barrel of the crude. Bashneft keeps 279 licenses; 162 fields being under development.

The 9-month 2013 net profit (RAS) boosted 1.45 fold to 48.764bn rub. from 33.545bn rub.; revenues being up 4% to 373.811bn rub.; costs being down 10% to 192.355bn rub. from 214.208bn rub.

The 2013-net profit reached 46.17bn rub. (IAS) which is 11.7% below prior year figures due to the revaluation of the investments in Belkamneft; revenues from sales increased 5.8% to 563.296bn rub.; corrected EBITDA - 3.6% to 103.972bn rub. on the growth of raw extraction and export of petroleum products.

"AK&M", 21.04.2014


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