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BGK reduced output.

In IQ 2014 Bashkirskaya Generating Company (BGC) reduced the output 5.3% to 5.106bn kWh against prior year period, the company informed.

The drop is explained by less number of energy units at Karmanovskaya GRES due to the reduced margin and some other factors.

The heat generation moved down 1.6% to 6216ths Gcal on the decline in the steam consumption by Polief and Sintez-Kauchuk. The natural gas accounts for 98% in the fuel balance of the Company; coal - 2%.

Bashkirskaya Generating Company (TIN 277077282) is one of the largest regional energetic companies included into Inter RAO. It provides control over the generating assets in Bashkortostan, BashRTS, TETS-5 and servicing subs.

BGK was formed in 2006 to provide energy generation. It includes above 20 large and small power plants in Bashkortostan. The capacity is equal to 4190.5MW and 7402 Gcal/h.

The 2013-net profit gained 1.7bn rub.; revenues achieved 38.4bn rub.; profit from sales - 2.8bn rub.

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