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Severalmaz intends to increase share capital.

Apr. 13 Severalmaz BOD decided to increase the share capital due to the common stock issue, the company informed.

12121212121 stocks of 1 rub. par are assumed to be allocated through the open offering at 1.32 rub./pcs.

Severalmaz (Arkhangelsk reg., TIN 2901038518) was formed in Mar. 1992 to develop M.Lomonosov's field which includes 6 kimberlite pipes. The extraction was launched in 2005 to provide 1mln ton/year.

The share capital is split in 389457070 common stocks of 1 rub. par. ALROSA is a major holder.

The 2013-net losses moved down 0.54% (IAS) to 183mln rub. from 184mln rub.; revenues dropped 34.41% to 1.077bn rub. from 1.642bn rub.; pretax losses increased 26.77% to 251mln rub. from 198mln rub.

The 2013-net losses (RAS) increased 31.7% to 450.706mln rub. from 342.225mln rub.; revenues - 20.4% to 1.31bn rub. from 1.088bn rub.; losses from sales - 45.01% to 166.871mln rub. from 115.075mln rub.; pretax losses - 32.89% to 541.413mln rub. from 407.425mln rub.

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