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MRSK Volga BOD holds sitting Apr. 30.

MRSK Volga BOD set a sitting date for Apr. 30, the company informed.

The agenda concerns preparation to the annual meeting.
MRSK Volga (TIN 6450925977) was registered in 2007 in Saratov. It involves 7 branches including Mordovenergo, Orenburgenergio, Penzaenergo and Chuvashenergo; Saratovskie, Samarskie, Ulyanovskie dispatching networks.

The share capital is equal to 17.858bn rub. split in 178577801146 common stocks of 0.1 rub. par each. Russian Grids keeps 67.626% in the Company.

The 2013 net profit (RAS) dropped 21.14 fold to 54.955mln rub. from 1.162bn rub. prior year; revenues being up 7.47% to 49.18bn rub. from 45.764bn rub.; profit from sales declined 2.94 fold to 1.023bn rub. from 3.012bn rub.; pretax profit - 7.52 fold to 283.381mln rub. from 2.131bn rub.

The 2013 net profit (IAS) moved down 40.31% to 1.451bn rub. from 2.431bn rub. prior year period; revenues being up 7.17% to 49.202bn rub. from 45.908bn rub.; pretax profit plunged 48.46% to 1.7bn rub. from 3.299bn rub.; operating profit - 34.41% to 2.445bn rub. from 3.727bn rub.

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