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OMZ gained 69.755mln rub. in net profit.

The IQ 2014 net profit at Joint Engineering Plants (OMZ) (Uralmash-Izhora) reached 69.755mln rub. (RAS) vs. 151.893mln rub. in losses; the company informed.

The revenues rallied up 62.71% to 1.058bn rub. from 650.242mln rub.; profit from sales coming to 190.592mln rub. vs. 77.791mln rub. in losses; pretax losses - 90.191mln rub. vs. 163.485mln rub.

Joint Engineering Plants (OMZ) (TIN 6663059899) is one of the largest heavy engineering company working in the sphere of the engineering, production, sales and servicing of the equipment for nuclear power sector, petrochemical, mining sectors and special steel makers. It has subs in Russia and Czechia (Pilsen Steel, Skoda JS and Cheteng Engineering).

The share capital is worth 3.8mln rub. split in 35480186 common and 2750000 preferred stocks of 0.1 rub. par. Gazprombank keeps above 50% under control.

The 2013 net profit (IAS) rallied down 5 fold to 527.114ln rub. from 2.625bn rub. prior year; revenues moved up 10.47% to 33.313bn rub. from 30.157bn rub.; operating profit halved to 1.833bn rub. from 4.038bn rub.; pretax profit - 3.7 fold 941.891mln rub. from 3.478bn rub.

The 2013-net profit (RAS) reached 189.469mln rub. vs. 107.004mln rub. in losses; revenues were doubled to 8.395bn rub. from 3.89bn rub.; profit from sales coming to 332.985mln rub. vs. 253.678mln rub. in losses; pretax profit - 249.428mln rub. vs. 119.647mln rub. in losses.

"AK&M", 29.04.2014


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