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KTZ intends to pass dividends.

Kaluzhsky Turbine Plant (KTZ) BOD decided to pass the dividends and proposed the holders to approve this decision at the annual meeting June 4, the company informed.

Besides, the interrelated deals with Silmash on the equipment delivery in the volume of 2.46bn rub. and 224mln rub. should be approved.

KTZ (TIN 4026007424) is a leading small- and medium-size turbine producer. Now the assortment includes 100 types of turbines delivered to CIS and Baltic states. The Plant is included into Silmash. The share capital is equal to 835.38ths rub. split in 158004 preferred and 677380 common stocks of 1 rub. par.

The 2013-net profit (IAS) was doubled to 631.946mln rub. from 283.163mln rub.; revenues increased 48.28% to 7.153bn rub. from 4.824bn rub.; operating profit - 60.93% to 623.845mln rub. from 387.66mln rub.; pretax profit rallied 90.54% up to 755.855mln rub. from 396.688mln rub.

The 2013 net profit (RAS) rallied up 80.67% to 755.243mln rub. from 418.032mln rub. prior year; revenues - 55.91% to 7.108b rub. from 4.559bn rub.; profit from sales - 61.79% to 694.287mln rub. from 429.117mln rub.; pretax profit - 67.58% to 901.866mln rub. from 538.168mln rub.

"AK&M", 29.04.2014


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