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Moscow to strike back against EU sanctions against Dobrolet

The Russian officials are considering the possible restriction or blanket ban on European airlines' transit flights from Europe to Asia over the territory of Russia, a high-ranking official closely related to a business partner of major European air carriers stated for the Vedomosti.

The possible restrictions of transit flight opportunities for European carriers were first mentioned soon after the first E.U. sanctions were imposed against Russia. In any case, the recent events (the suspension of Dobrolet and the penalties imposed by Ukraine on Russian airlines for flights to Crimea) cannot be left without a response, the official said.

The decision is in the hands of the Government, consultations are being conducted with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Vedomosti source commented.

Dobrolet LLC (tax number: 7743903069) is part of the Aeroflot Group that holds 100% of its authorized capital. Dobrolet is implementing a classical low-budget air carrier project. Dobrolet aims to increase the people's mobility and to facilitate travelling between regions of the Russian Federation. The company is focused on price-sensitive customers putting low cost over comfort, and will keep its average tariffs 15-20% below, Aeroflot's economy class tickets.

Total investment in the project is roughly estimated at $100 million across a two-year initial period. The company expects to expand its fleet to 8 Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft in 2014 and to be able to transport about 10 million passengers per year by 2018 (further increasing its fleet to 40 aircrafts by then).

"AK&M", 06.08.2014


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