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VTB Bank does not plan additional share issues before end of 2015

VTB Bank has no plans to issue additional shares through the end of 2014 or in 2015, the bank informed.

Neither does VTB Group envisage the creation of a new class of shares that could affect the accuracy of stock market indices.

"Today, VTB Group is fully compliant with all capital adequacy requirements set by Russian and international regulators. Following the Russian Government's recently announced measures to support the banking sector, including providing additional Tier 1 capital to VTB Bank, at the end of the current quarter VTB Group expects to have a Basel Tier 1 capital ratio of around 12.5% and a total capital adequacy ratio of around 14%," the bank's statement points out.

JSC VTB Bank (tax number: 7702070139) ranks second largest Russian bank after Sberbank in terms of asset size. The government holds a 60.9% equity stake in the bank. In Russia, VTB Group performs banking operations through one parent bank (VTB Bank) and six subsidiary banks (the largest of them being VTB 24, the Bank of Moscow and TransCreditBank). VTB Bank's international network numbers over 30 banks and financial companies in more than 20 countries of the world.

IFRS net profit of VTB Group for 2013 grew by 10.9% to RUB 100.5 billion, net profit for Q4 2013 went up 79.3% to RUB 54.5 billion. Net interest income in 2013 increased by 31.3% to RUB 323 billion, net fee & commission income by 14.7% to RUB 55.4 billion. In 2013, the Bank's assets increased by 18.2% reaching RUB 8,768.5 billion as of December 31. 2013.

Net profit of JSC VTB Bank in 2013 net of events after the balance sheet date grew by 62.9% to RUB 35.119 billion from RUB 21.561 billion the year before. Pre-tax profit increased by 61.76% to RUB 35.385 billion from RUB 21.875 billion.

RAS net profit of VTB Bank for H1 2014 grew by 26.3% to RUB 57.954 billion. Pre-tax profit went up 14.7% to RUB 52.744 billion from RUB 45.981 billion.

"AK&M", 08.08.2014


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