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AK&M Second Tier Stock Index was at 4.235 (+88; +2.12%) on August 13

AK&M Second Tier Stock Index was at 4.235 (+88; +2.12%) on August 13

Please see the AK&M Second Tier Stock Index five-day history below:
12.08.2014 4.147 (+69; +1.69%) 11.08.2014 4.078 (+82; +2.05%) 08.08.2014 3.996 (+44; +1.11%) 07.08.2014 3.952 ( -5; -0.13%) 06.08.2014 3.957 (-71; -1.76%)
AK&M Stock Indices pioneered the assessment of the securities market performance in Russia, being available since September 1, 1993.
The family of AK&M Stock Indices comprises the AK&M Composite Index, the Industrial Average Index, a number of Sector Indices, the Second Tier Stock Index and the ADR Index.
The Indices are based on listings of issuers. The listing of issuers represents the stock market across the sector (for calculating a corresponding Sector Index), the market of industrials (for the Industrial Average Index), the whole stock market (for the AK&M Composite Index), the market of second tier equities (for the AK&M 2 Index), or the market of Russian issuers' depositary receipts (for the ADR Index).
AK&M Stock Indices employ one and the same calculation procedure based on estimation of relative changes in the total market capitalization of the companies listed. The only exception is the ADR Index taking account of securities listed and traded on foreign stock markets.

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