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6-month RAS net loss of OC Alliance reached RUB 582 million

RAS net loss of OJSC OC Alliance for H1 2014 was RUB 582.465 million against a net profit of RUB 1.069 billion the year before.

Revenue increased by 20% to RUB 28.374 billion from RUB 23.701 billion the year before. GP decreased by 19.5% to RUB 669.705 million from RUB 841.309 million.

OJSC Oil Company Alliance (OC Alliance, tax number: 7704233903) is a subsidiary of Alliance Oil Company.

IFRS net profit of OC Alliance for 2013 fell by 81% to RUB 1.691 billion from RUB 8.919 billion the year before. Revenue increased by 11% to RUB 105.699 billion from RUB 94.853 billion, GP to RUB 20.084 billion from RUB 18.189 billion.

Alliance Oil Company was established in April 2008 through the merger of oil company Alliance with oil producer West Siberian Resources (WSR). AOC exercises control over OJSC Khabarovsk Oil Refinery, OJSC Amurnefteproduct, PJSC Primornefteprodukt, OJSC Khabarovsknefteprodukt, OJSC Alliance Khabarovsk, CJSC Alliance Oil, manages oil producer OJSC Tatnefteotdacha and operates an oil upstream project at the Begaidar block located in the Atyrau region of Kazakhstan. The company accounts for 0.5% of the total oil production and 1.5% of the oil refining throughput in Russia.

"AK&M", 18.08.2014


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