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6-month net loss of Sinarsky Pipe Plant was RUB 33.748 million

RAS net loss of PJSC Sinarsky Pipe Plant for H1 2014 was RUB 33.748 million against a profit of RUB 861.528 million the year before, the company reported.

Revenue decreased by 6.43% to RUB 13.265 billion from RUB 14.176 billion, sales profit decreased 4.56-fold to RUB 335.422 million from RUB 1.531 billion, pre-tax profit was RUB 456 thousand from RUB 1.135 billion for H1 2013.

PJSC Sinarsky Pipe Plant (tax number: 6612000551) established in 1934, manufactures of a wide range of pipes for oil applications as part of TMK Group. The company's goods are in demand by oil and gas extraction associations, machine-building works, the electric power industry, many building & construction and public utility companies.

According to the DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net profit of PJSC Sinarsky Pipe Plant for Q1 2014 decreased 150.43 times to RUB 2.414 million from RUB 363.137 million the year before. Revenue increased by 36.54% to RUB 9.592 billion from RUB 7.025 billion, sales profit decreased 3.4-fold to RUB 201.805 million from RUB 686.518 million, pre-tax profit 21.75 times to RUB 22.105 million from RUB 480.756 million.

"AK&M", 20.08.2014


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