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OMZ B.V. (Netherlands) sells 20.33% equity stake in OMZ

On August 11, the Netherlands-based company OMZ B.V. sold its whole 20.33% equity stake in Russia's OMZ (Uralmash-Izhora Group), OMZ informed.

Prior to this deal, OMZ B.V. owned 58,990,060 common shares in OMZ.

OMZ (literal translation: United Heavy Machinery Plants, tax number: 6663059899) is one of the leading companies in the heavy machine-building industry specializing in the engineering, production, sales and service maintenance of the equipment for the atomic energy, petrochemical, oil and gas, mining industries. Also, the company focuses on the production of special steels and providing industrial services. OMZ Group operates production sites in Russia and the Czech Republic. The group is under control of Gazprombank.

According to the DataCapital information retrieval system, IFRS net profit of OMZ for 2013 dropped 5 times to RUB 527.114 million from RUB 2.625 billion for 2012. Revenue increased by 10.47% to RUB 33.313 billion from RUB 30.157 billion, operating profit decreased 2.2-fold to RUB 1.833 billion from RUB 4.038 billion, pre-tax profit 3.7-fold to RUB 941.891 million from RUB 3.478 billion.

According to the DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net loss of OMZ for H1 2014 decreased 5.96 times to RUB 67.264 million from RUB 401.114 million the year before. Revenue increased by 13.08% to RUB 1.219 billion from RUB 1.078 billion, sales profit was RUB 27.348 million against a loss of RUB 220.437 million, loss before tax decreased 5.77-fold to RUB 75.266 million from RUB 434.651 million.

"AK&M", 21.08.2014


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