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Bashinformsvyaz pays 99.8% of 2013 dividends

OJSC Bashinformsvyaz has paid 99.8% of the 2013 dividends transferring more than RUB 211.484 million to the shareholders, the company informed.

The company was to pay more than RUB 211.769 million (RUB 0.21 per type A preferred share, RUB 0.345 per share of common stock).

The dividend payment obligation was not performed to the full extent due to incorrect, incomplete or outdated payment details of a shareholder provided in the registered shareholder's dividend application form.

It will be recalled that Bashinformsvyaz had paid 92.9% of the 2012 dividends. Again, the reason for the incomplete dividend payout was the incorrect, incomplete or outdated information concerning the shareholder's payment details. Bashinformsvyaz's shareholders approved the 2012 dividends in the amount of RUB 162.609 million (RUB 0.1561 per share of common stock, RUB 0.4 per type A preferred share).

OJSC Bashinformsvyaz established in 1992 is the principal fixed-line telephony operator of Bashkortostan, its fiber optical lines stretching over 10,000 kilometers. The company's authorized capital is RUB 985.189 million; 949,023,840 common shares and 36,165,270 preferred shares with a face value of 1 ruble are issued. OJSC Rostelecom owns 39.94% of Bashinformsvyaz shares, the Federal Agency for State Property Management holds 28.24%, the Ministry of Property of Bashkortostan 17.84% of shares.

According to the DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net profit of OJSC Bashinformsvyaz for 2013 decreased by 13.97% to RUB 849.491 million from RUB 987.444 million the year before. Revenue increased by 2% to RUB 6.298 billion from RUB 6.168 billion, GP by 17.84% to RUB 684.093 million from RUB 580.479 million, sales profit by 18.07% to RUB 682.229 million from RUB 577.79 million. Pre-tax profit decreased by 13.98% to RUB 1.105 billion from RUB 1.284 billion.

"AK&M", 25.08.2014


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