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KAMAZ pays 98.42% of 2013 dividends

OJSC KAMAZ has paid 98.42% of the 2013 dividends transferring RUB 202.331 million to its shareholders, the company informed.

The dividends have not been paid to the company's registered shareholders who failed to notify the registrar of changed data in the register management system, the statement emphasizes.

It will be recalled that the company earmarked RUB 205.583 million for the dividend payout (RUB 0.29 per share of common stock).

OJSC KAMAZ Group (tax number: 1650032058) includes 13 principal subsidiaries engaged with the development, production and assembly of automotive vehicles and vehicle sets and sales of finished products. In total, KAMAZ Group consists of 110 enterprises including joint ventures in the CIS countries and foreign assembly facilities. KAMAZ's major shareholders are Rostec Group, Avtoinvest Limited, Daimler, KAMAZ International Management, EBRD, Decodelement Services Limited.

IFRS net profit of KAMAZ for 2013 decreased by 25.12% to RUB 4.356 billion. Revenue decreased by 3.54% to RUB 114.317 billion from RUB 118.51 billion, operating profit by 28.16% to RUB 5.805 billion from RUB 8.08 billion.

According to the DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net profit of OJSC KAMAZ for H1 2014 dropped 219.53 times to RUB 11.06 million from RUB 2.428 billion the year before. Revenue decreased by 13.85% to RUB 46.114 billion from RUB 53.527 billion, sales loss was RUB 575.976 million from RUB 3.621 billion, loss before tax was RUB 129.253 million against a profit of RUB 3.205 billion.

"AK&M", 27.08.2014


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