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VTB fixed credit limit for ATEK.

VTB Bank fixed the credit limit for Autonomous Heat Energetic Company at 5bn rub. to provide execution of obligations on the crude shipment contracts, the Bank informed.

VTB Bank (TIN 7702070139) is ranked as the second bank in Russia by the assets volume. The network of the Group in June 2010 covered 935 offices in Russia, CIS and Europe including 480 offices of VTB-24. The Group keeps 12 subs in CIS (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaidjan, Ukraine); in Europe (Austria, Cyprus, Germany, France, Great Britain); in Georgia, Africa (Angola) and representations in Italy, China, and Kirgizia.

The IQ 2013 net profit (IAS) declined 32.6% to 15.7bn rub. from 23.3bn rub. prior year; net interest rose 36.7% to 73.8bn rub. from 54bn rub.; operating revenues declined 2.6% to 92.9bn rub.

The 9-month net profit (IAS) plunged 23.6% to 46bn rub. from 60.2bn rub. prior year; net interest increased 33.8% to 233.2bn rub. from 174.3bn rub.

The 2013 net profit rallied up 62.9% to 35.119bn rub. from 21.561bn rub.; pretax profit - 61.76% to 35.385bn rub. from 21.875bn rub.

Autonomous Heat Energetic Company (TIN 2312054894, former Krasnodarteploenergo) provides maintenance of the heat networks in Krasnodar.

The 9-month 2013 dropped (RAS) 7.5% to 148.468mln rub. from 160.499mln rub. prior year period; revenues being up 1.58% to 3.084bn rub. from 3.036bn rub.; profit from sales - 75.6% to 223.697mln rub. from 127.387ml rub.; pretax profit being down 19.27% to 177.96mln rub. from 220.428mln rub.

"AK&M", 03.02.2014


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