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Sberbank reduced net profit.

In Jan. 2014 Sberbank reduced the net profit (RAS) 0.4% to push it to 31.638bn rub. from 31.638bn rub. prior year period, the Bank informed.

The net interest reached 72.2bn rub. which is 24.9% higher prior year.

The expenses on the aggregated reserves gained 28.5bn rub. vs. 11.5bn rub. prior year due to the growth of the credit portfolio.

The assets increased by 353bn rub. (2.2%) to come to 16.7tril rub.

Sberbank of Russia (TIN 7707083893) is the largest bank in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. It has 67.76bn rub. in share capital split in 21586948ths common stocks and 1bn preferred stocks of 3 rub. par. The Bank of Russia keeps 50%+1 voting stocks in Sberbank. The Bank has 17 regional branches; subs in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The 2013-net profit increased (RAS) 13.4% to 392.6bn rub. from 346.2bn rub. prior year; pretax profit gained 480.5bn rub.; assets being up 19.9% to exceed 16.3tril rub. (5.3% in rise).

"AK&M", 07.02.2014


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