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Nornickel-released bonds under trading.

Feb. 12 the BO-05th - BO-08th issues in the total volume of 50bn rub. were permitted for the trading on MICEX, the company informed.

The issues are traded as non-listed.
The BO-5th - BO-06th include 15mln bonds; BO-07th - БО-08th - 10mln bonds of 1ths rub. par and 10-year maturity.

Nornickel (TIN 8401005730) is the largest diversified mining-metallurgic company and nickel/palladium maker. Besides, it is a producer of associated metals. The basic divisions are located in Taimyr and Murmansk regions. The foreign assets involve the entities in Finland, Australia, South Africa. In 2009 282.89ths ton of nickel were produced to compare with 300.6ths ton prior year. The output declined to 402.21ths ton from 419ths ton last year: 2805ths ounce of palladium; 661ths ounce of platinum being extracted.

The share capital is split to 190627747 common stocks of 1 rub. par each.

The 2012-net profit (IAS) lost 40.9% to gain $2.143bn from $3.626bn; revenues being down 16.82% to $11.061bn from $13.297bn; operating profit - 38.03% to $3.864bn from $6.235bn; EBITDA - 31.92% to $4.928bn from $7.239bn; EBITDA yield coming to 41% vs. 51%.

The IH 2013 net profit (RAS) declined 2.4 fold to 20.729bn rub. from 49.788bn rub. prior year; revenues dropped 7.72% to 130.981bn rub. from 141.942bn rub.; profit from sales - 16.37% to 61.156bn rub. from 73.128bn rub.; pretax profit being halved to 31.293bn rub. from 66.124bn rub.

"AK&M", 14.02.2014


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