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M&A: Russian M&A market volume doubled in 2013

In 2013, the volume of Russia's M&A market increased 2.3 times year-on-year reaching its post-crisis high of $118.12 billion, according to the recent issue of AK&M Information Agency's monthly bulletin MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS MARKET.

The market primarily owes this strong result to the purchase of TNK-BP by Rosneft for $54.98 billion in March 2013, the largest ever transaction in Russia's M&A market. However, even without that colossal deal, the total volume of the M&A market in 2013 increased by 23% year-on-year to $63.14 billion.

The number of transactions saw a far weaker growth of 4.8% to 541 transactions against 516 in 2012. Average deal value (excluding the largest deals worth $1 billion and more) showed almost no change year-on-year ($57.2 million in 2013 against $57 million in 2012).

Despite a recovery trend in 2013 following a major decline in 2012, the market failed to come back to the year 2011 performance (more than 600 transactions).

In December, the monthly number of transactions usually reaches a peak. Even with this in mind, December 2013 was a particularly generous month for the domestic M&A market. The total amount of transactions estimated using AK&M Information Agency's proprietary method reached $15.649 billion surpassing the result achieved in December 2012 ($5.47 billion) almost three times. This strong performance is primarily attributable to the change in Uralkali's majority shareholding structure, estimated at $8.9 billion.

December 2013 appeared to be the best month for Russia's M&A market for the whole post-crisis period after March 2013 when Rosneft completed the acquisition of TNK-BP.

That month's number of transactions edged down to 70 against 73 in December 2012. However, average deal value grew by 25% to $57.9 million (without the largest deals) from $46.3 million the year before.

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