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MRSK Center invested 17.619bn rub.

MRSK Center summed up results of the 2013-investment program, the company informed.

In fact, 17.619bn rub. were invested which is 0.5% higher the planned figures; 8.771bn rub. being invested in modernization; 8.287bn rub. - in the building of new objects.

MRSK Center (TIN 6901067107) was formed in 2004. The Company holds 11 divisions including Belgorodenergo, Lipetskenergo, Tverenergo, Smolenskenergo, Orelenergo, Tambovenergo, Yarenergo, Voronezhenergo. It includes 2324 substations.

The share capital is equal to 4.222bn rub. split in 42217941468 common stocks of 0.1 rub. par. On Dec. 31, 2012 the major holders involved Depository & Corporate Technologies (50.3%), National Clearing Depository (36.6%); 6.6% being held by ING Bank (Eurasia); 6.5% being in free circulation.

The IH 2013-net profit (IAS) dropped 5.76 fold to 602.808mln rub. from 3.471bn rub. prior year; revenues rose 22.68% to 41.898bn rub. from 34.153bn rub.; operating profit being down 2.63 fold to 2.055bn rub. from 5.413bn rub.; pretax profit - 5 fold to 908.745mln rub. from 4.541bn rub.; EBITDA - 36.26% to 5.8bn rub. from 9.1bn rub.

The IH 2013 net profit (RAS) declined 3.59 fold to 1.207bn rub. from 4.334bn rub. prior year; revenues moved up 23.29% to 41.765bn rub. from 33.876bn rub.; profit from sales dropped 4.64% to 5.845bn rub. from 5.585bn rub.; pretax profit - 2.59 fold to 2.105bn rub. from 5.449bn rub.

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