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Wage arrears in Russia up 27.6% in January

Total wage arrears in Russia increased by 27.6% in January 2014 reaching RUB 2.487 billion as of February 1, the Federal State Statistics Service informed.

Wage arrears due to the lack of locally available funds totaled RUB 2.44 billion (98.1% of the total arrears), 25.4% more than on January 1.

Wage arrears due to delayed transfers from budgets of various levels increased 19 times against the previous month to RUB 47 million. Backlog of payments from the federal budget increased 41 times to RUB 45 million, backlog of payments from regional budgets dropped 2.5 times to RUB 0.4 million, backlog of payments from local budgets increased 2.4-fold to RUB 1.1 million.

The manufacturing sector accounts for 33%, construction and development for 18%, transport for 15%, agriculture, hunting and related services as well as lumbering for 11%, mineral production for 10%, R&D for 5% of the total wage arrears.

As of February 1, wage arrears accounted for less than 1% of employees across the economic sectors monitored.

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