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NMTP BOD considers 2014-budget.

Novorossiysky Sea Trading Port (NMTP) BOD set a sitting date for Feb.

28, the company informed.
The 2014-budget will be considered.
Novorossiysky Sea Trading Port Group (TIN 2315004404) is the largest Russian port operator. It is ranked as the third among the European ports by the cargo turnover. The stocks are traded on MICEX and LSE. 50.1% are held by Novoport Holding Ltd, which beneficiaries are Transneft and Summa Group.

NMTP Group involves Novorossiysky Sea Trading Port, Primorsky Trading Port (from 2011), Novorossiysky Crop Terminal, Novorossiysky Shipbuilding Yard, NMTP Fleet, Novoroslesexport, IPP, Baltic Stevedore Company.

The 9-month 2013 net losses (RAS) gained 1.747bn rub. vs. 4.163bn rub. in profit; revenues declined 5.82% to 7.659bn rub. from 8.133bn rub.; gross profit - 10.73% to 1.791bn rub. from 2.006bn rub.; pretax losses coming to

2.078bn rub. vs. 5.23bn rub. in profit; profit from sales - 13% to 4.416bn rub. from 5.076bn rub.

The 9-month 2013-net profit (IAS) dropped 3.14 fold to $101.845mln from $319.67mln prior year; revenues climbed down 12.02% to $691.393mln from $785.882mln; EBITDA - 19.01% to $379.659mln from $468.791mln; operating profit - 22.74% to $316.439mln from $409.576mln; pretax profit - 3.14 fold to $126.491mln from $396.754mln.

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