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Bashneft provided orders to Sistema.

Bashneft signed contracts on the oil services with AFK Sistema subs, the company informed.

In particular, it concerns the contracts with OZNPO (3.371bn rub.); Bashneft-Drilling (7.188bn rub.); BURS - 5.159bn rub.; UPKRS - 6.609bn rub.; NZNO - 3.318bn rub. Besides, the contract on transport services with Transkhim was settled (4.051bn rub.).

All counteragents are included into Bashneft-Servicing Assets structure. In Oct. 2013 Bashneft sold this Company to AFK Sistema for 4.1bn rub.

Bashneft (TIN 0274051582) is a head entity included into the fuel-energetic complex of Bashkortostan. It gushes out the crude in Bashkortostan, Western Siberia and Orenburgsky reg. The proved reserves cover 2.007bn barrel of the crude. Bashneft keeps 279 licenses; 162 fields being under development.

The 2012 net profit (IAS) rose 4.5% to 52.088bn rub.; EBITDA moved up 7.6% to $2.549bn; revenues - 9.5% to 532.502bn rub.

The IH 2013 net profit (RAS) boosted 59% to 30.886bn rub. from 19.389bn rub.; revenues being up 1% to 231.703bn rub. from 228.325bn rub.; gross profit came to 110.442bn rub. vs. 88.559bn rub. prior year.

The 9-month net profit plunged 21.3% (IAS) to 32.542bn rub. from 41.347bn rub. prior year period. The revenues added 6.2% to gain 417.054bn rub. from 392.688bn rub.; corrected EBITDA - 1.1% to 76.981bn rub. from 76.119bn rub.; operating profit - 4.8% to 61.952bn rub. from 65.072bn rub.; net debt - 18.6% to 57.504bn rub. from 70.651bn rub. The 9-month output at the fields reached 11.9mln ton or 3.2% higher prior year period; the average daily extraction increased 3.6% to 318.2ths barrel.

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