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Tulachermet called special meeting.

At the Tulachermet special meeting Dec. 27 several interest-bearing deals were approved, the company informed.

In particular, it concerns the loans to TULACHERMET-STELL (2bn rub.); S.Tikhov's Mine (1bn rub.); Siberian Resources (500mln rub.).

Besides, the $30mln worth guarantee contract with Sberbank in favor of Koks was affirmed till 2016 at 15% ann.

Tulachermet (TIN 7105008031) is one of the metallurgic entities providing pig iron production and covering 40% of the sales on the world market.

The share capital is equal to 10mln rub. split in 962500 common and 37500 preferred stocks of 10 rub. par.

The Company is working under control of Industrial Metallurgic Holding owned by B.Zubitsky as major holder.

The 2012 net losses (RAS) rallied up 63.83% to 551.559mln rub. from 336.669mln rub. prior year; revenues dropped 13.35% to 26.407bn rub. from 30.474bn rub.; losses from sales coming to 575.558mln rub. vs. 153.412mln rub. in profit; pretax losses rose 65.87%to 670.165mln rub. 404.026mln rub.

"AK&M", 15.01.2014


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