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Aeroflot started ADR program.

Aeroflot started the ADR issue of the 1st level within the program, the company informed.

The ADR program is opened for the stocks deposit and ADR issue from Jan. 14. ADRs are launched within the project aimed to expand the pool of potential investors including investors on the US OTCM.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas is a bank depository. The ratio is set at ADR/GDR/5 common stocks.

Aeroflot (TIN 7712040126) is the largest air carrier in Russia. It covers 39% of the international and 11% of the internal carriages market.

The working interest (51.17%) is held by the government. The share capital is equal to 1110616299 rub. split in 1110616299 common stocks.

The 9-month 2013 net profit (IAS) rallied up 81.1% to $545.2mln from $296.2mln; revenues increased 16.8% to $7.033bn from $6.021mln; operating profit - 99.9% to $849.8mln from $425.1mln; EBITDA - 72.8% to $1.131bn from $654.5mln.

The 9-month 2013 net profit (RAS) boosted 40.07% to 19.297bn rub. from 13.777bn rub. prior year; revenues rose 17.87% to 154.996bn rub. from 131.497bn rub. prior year; profit from sales - 8.07% to 11.118bn rub. from 10.287bn rub.; pretax profit - 38.62% to 24.287bn rub. from 17.52bn rub.

"AK&M", 15.01.2014


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