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Tactical Missiles Corporation increases stake in TEMP-AVIA

JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation increased its equity position in JSC Arzamas research production enterprise TEMP-AVIA to 58.06% from 51.71%, TEMP-AVIA informed.

This change resulted from the acquisition by TMC of 25,501 TEMP-AVIA shares in the amount of RUB 163.206 million in November 2013.

JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation (founded in March 2003) is based on federal state unitary enterprise "State research and production centre Zvezda-Strela" (Korolev). During the reorganization process, shares in Russia's military-industrial enterprises were contributed to the corporation. The head enterprise manufactures Kh-31 high-speed airborne guided missiles (delivering the Kh-31P (Kh-31PK) anti-radar and Kh-31A anti-ship missile sub-types) and Kh-35E anti-ship guided missile unified under different launch platforms (ship, coast, air). GosMKB "Vympel" air-to-air guided missiles of various types, air-to-surface / surface-to-air guided missiles for air defense systems, UV-30MK passive jamming dispensers, AKU-170E missile ejection units, unguided airborne missiles.

The corporation enterprises also deliver other kinds of aircraft weapons, weapon systems for the Navy and products for civil applications.

OJSC ANPP TEMP-AVIA (tax number: 5243001887) was established in 1994 resulting from the transformation of the experimental design bureau TEMP founded in 1958 on the resolution of the state aircraft engineering commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Originally the enterprise was focused on the development of gyroscopic devices and instruments for aircraft of all types. In 1975, the enterprise undertook the development of control and guidance systems for manned and unmanned aircraft and control systems for the Buran space shuttle.

The enterprise currently performs government contracts in more than 40 fields including control systems, flight path control units, inertial measuring units, gyro stabilizers, aiming and stabilization systems, initial information sensors. These products are also supplied to foreign customers.

According to the information and retrieval system DataCapital, RAS net profit of JSC Arzamas research production enterprise TEMP-AVIA for 9 months 2013 increased by 29.8% to RUB 285.565 million from RUB 220.005 million for the same period in 2012. Revenue increased by 25.51% to RUB 1.657 billion from RUB 1.321 billion, sales profit by 12.56% to RUB 340.913 million from RUB 302.86 million, pre-tax profit by 27.45% to RUB 364.61 million from RUB 286.09 million.

"AK&M", 21.01.2014


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