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UAZ BOD holds sitting Jan. 27.

Ulyanovsky Automobile Plant (UAZ) BOD decided to hold a sitting Jan.

27, the company informed.
The preparation to the special meeting and nominees suggested by Sollers, Broadhurst Investments Limited, Franklin Enterprises Limited, Pruett Enterprises Limited, Reardon Enterprises Ltd. will be considered.

At the special meeting Feb. 20 the new BOD members should be elected.

UAZ (TIN 7300000029) was formed in 1941. Now it is included into Sollers. UAZ covers 15% of the off-roaders market. From 2003 end UAZ Hunter s under production.

The share capital is equal to 4.143bn rub. split in 3725819763 common and 416837248 preferred stocks of 1 rub. par. The state property agency keeps 13.19% (14.67% common stocks); Sollers - 66.07% (67.77%).

The IQ 2013 (RAS) net losses reached 39.362mln rub. vs. 70.812mln rub. in profit prior year; revenues declined 2.99% to 5.804bn rub. from 5.983bn rub.; profit from sales being up 50.35% to 187.965mln rub. from 125.002mln rub.; pretax losses coming to 35.91mln rub. vs. 88.666mln rub. in profit.

"AK&M", 23.01.2014


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