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MMK covered the 5th coupon.

Jan. 21 Magnitogorsky Metallurgic Plant (MMK) covered the 5th coupon of the BO-07th issue released in the volume of 5bn rub., the company informed.

The payment demanded 180.75mln rub. in total (36.15 rub./pcs).

5mln bonds of 1ths rub. par and 3-year maturity were placed July 26, 2011. The 1st coupon rate is set at 7.25%. The issue is arranged by URALSIB and Svyaz-bank.

MMK (TIN 7414003633) is the largest metallurgic plant in Russia. It is of the close-cycle production process. It has the largest assortment of metal products in Russia and CIS. In 2010 11.4mln ton of steel and 10.4mln ton of metal commodities were produced.

The IQ 2013-net profit increased 35.71% (IAS) to $19mln from $14mln prior year period; revenues declined 5.86% to come to $2.28bn from $2.425bn; operating profit - 33 fold to $1mln from $33mln; EBITDA - 12.63% to $256mln from $293mln; EBITDA margin coming to 11.2% from 12.1%.

The IH 2013 net losses gained 103mln rub. (RAS) vs. 4.379bn rub. in profit prior year. The revenues declined 6.5% to 116.133bn rub. from 124.205bn rub.; profit from sales - 41.63% to 6.58bn rub. from 11.273bn rub.; pretax losses coming to 234mln rub. vs. 5.575bn rub. in profit.

"AK&M", 23.01.2014


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