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Tambovenergosbyt BOD holds sitting Jan. 31.

Tambovenergosbyt BOD is going to consider the asset management policies, the company informed.

Some other issues also will be discussed including the services on the register keeping.

The Company (TIN 6829010210) was registered in 2005. It was formed within the Tambovenergo restructuring. The share capital is equal to 34.879mln rub. split in 1525986880 common and 217961420 preferred stocks of 0.02 rub. par.

The IH 2013-net losses (RAS) gained 12.714mln rub. vs. 24.52mln rub. in profit prior year; revenues rose 7.27% to 2.048bn rub. from 1.909bn rub.; losses from sales coming to 17.358mln rub. vs. 36.697mln rub. in profit; pretax profit - 15.299mln rub. vs. 29.688mln rub. in profit.

The IH 2013 net losses (IAS) reached 25.22mln rub. vs. 27.139mln rub. in profit; revenues being up 7.21% to 2.046bn rub. from 1.909bn rub.; operating losses coming to 17.48mln rub. vs. 23.061mln rub. in profit; pretax losses - 16.612mln rub. vs. 33.285mln rub. in profit.

"AK&M", 28.01.2014


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